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Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)

What if there existed a way to make you a better, safer, and more proficient pilot, regardless of your current skill level? Now what if I told you that all it took to achieve this was successfully completing one course? That is the goal of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT).

UPRT is more than just a new buzz-phrase in the flight training industry. It is a critically important skill aimed at preventing aircraft upsets and enabling recovery from unexpected situations. The training involves a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical flying with the goal of building skills required to recover from: nose high / low attitudes at various bank angles, spirals, stall events, and spin recovery. This course will also better familiarize the pilot with the effects of g-loading on airplane performance, for example by inducing stall events at different attitudes and airspeeds.

The most critical component of UPRT training the quality of instruction. You need an instructor who not only knows the nuances of upset recovery maneuvers and their associated aerodynamic factors but also has extensive experience in foreseeing, preventing and safely recovering from any student responses or control inputs. With the right instructor who is invested in your learning and enjoyment, UPRT is likely be one of the best training experiences of your aviation journey.

Here at Clipper Aviation, we pride ourselves in having cultivated a truly world-class group of aviation instructors. We are excited to provide this critical topic of instruction to our clients.


The Xtreme Decathlon used in Clipper’s UPRT curriculum provides a fantastic training platform to introduce students to the edge of the flight envelope, and how to recover when you cross that edge. At the conclusion of the course, you will have enhanced your skills to confidently and instinctively manage unusual attitude situations.