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Cruise Into Camarillo Airport (KCMA)-Places to fly

Forty nautical miles northwest of Los Angeles’ valleys, Camarillo airport offers travelers and trainers alike a warm, welcoming experience with its fixed-base operations and lovely locale.

Covering a massive 650 acres, Camarillo municipal airport (KCMA) certainly stands apart from the surrounding landscape. Urban expanse fades into pastoral wilderness here as the airport acts as a dividing line between the local city’s bright, bustling life and vast swathes of farmland beyond. Spread among the acreage is CMA’s only runway, a dominant 8,000 foot asphalt surface. While some of this runway has been declared unusable, it still creates an impressive target that pilots can easily spot when inbound. Which is excellent, because the provisioned runway space of 6,013 feet provides ample takeoff and landing distances for both propeller and jet traffic visitors seeking to explore the city neatly nestled between the beach and the mountains.